Among a series of international events hosted in Brussels, Belgium, the FAA supported the ICAO Regional Coordination Conference. This conference featured presentations representing technical, operational and user perspectives related to ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU). During the conference, FAA’s SWIM SWIM Program Office presented examples of how SWIM has been used to integrate services to create new applications and led the ICAO Asia Pacific (APAC) SWIM Task Force Leader meeting. LST supported these initiatives as the Technical Advisor to the FAA APAC SWIM Task Force, and is helping to make SWIM a reality in modernizing global aviation.

LST has supported SWIM collaboration initiatives with airline partners and other international projects, including running prototyping activities with Europe, under the Single European Sky initiative, SESAR, working on interoperability initiatives for seamless information exchange with international partners. LST is proud to support the NextGen initiative of the FAA!