Washington, DC [March 2016] – LS Technologies, LLC (LST), a veteran-owned business supporting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was recently awarded the ATN/IPS Analysis to Support Standards Validation Task Order (TO) on the FAA’s Systems Engineering 2025 (SE2025) vehicle. This TO consists of the definition of Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) standards in various industry forums, namely ICAO WG-I, RTCA Special Committee (SC) 223 and AEEC to support the FAA’s intention to update Doc 9896 to include the Air-Ground IPS requirements to be used for future data communications systems developed and implemented in the NAS under the Future Communications Infrastructure Program, including AeroMACS, Next Generation SATCOM and L-Band Data Link.

About LST: LS Technologies, a veteran-owned business, is a provider of professional and technical services including engineering support, critical emergency operations, business services, and air traffic management. We pride ourselves on total commitment to our clients and strive to consistently exceed all customer expectations.

Contact: To learn more about this announcement, please contact Jim Hitt, Director of Business Development, LS Technologies, LLC, jim.hitt@lstechllc.com.