The FAA NAS Enterprise Architecture and Requirements Services Division (ANG-B1) sponsors, coordinates and hosts the monthly SE Forum for the agency. The SE Forum provides networking opportunities for FAA Systems Engineering organizations and its events are open to all members of the FAA community. LS Technologies, through their SE 2025 contract support to ANG-B1, provides membership management, advertisement through the FAA Daily Broadcast, Yammer groups and LinkedIn, event planning harmonization & recording, KSN site administration as well as facilitation services to the SE Forum at their newly renovated Enterprise room, located at 600 Maryland Avenue, Suite 900 West. Hosting the SE Forum across the street from federal buildings 10A and 10B enables more in-person attendance to our FAA customers, allowing for a more personal and interactive experience, while letting attendees bring and enjoy their lunches during the forum (most forums start at 1200).

Participation in the SE Forum allows members to:

  • Collaborate to understand and tackle FAA challenges
  • Share best practices
  • Promote systems engineering as a core element of acquisitions and overall decision-making
  • Educate the SE community about new tools and techniques across industry, in other Lines of Business and Service Units
  • Suggest topics for upcoming forums
  • Nominate members to the SE Spotlight, a monthly web publication that highlights personnel within the FAA Systems Engineering community. Spotlight nominees are selected by co-workers or others for their contributions to Systems Engineering. This can be by cultivating talent, or mentoring and guiding employees for the purpose of growing future leaders/subject matter experts. They can also be recognized as emerging leaders that demonstrate competence, integrity, and the commitment to improve and inspire, as well as help breakdown geographic, organizational & cultural boundaries.
  • Access past webinars and their associated recordings (should they exist) as far back as 2013