LST is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2020 David Almeida will assume a new role within LST as the corporate Senior Technical Advisor. In this role, David will report to Steve Dash, VP of Strategy and Business Development. David will lead efforts in assessing technologies and advocate/lead their application both internally and externally.  He will coordinate with external clients and with internal technical stakeholders.   He will serve as LST’s senior advisor on technology and related processes, helping to formulate the technology strategy for the company, identifying and maturing new ideas for service innovation and service delivery, and establishing the vision for technical solution development and service delivery.

Steve Dash states, “David has demonstrated within the FAA and, indeed, across the broader aviation community, the ability to express an operational vision within a context of achievable technical solutions. We look forward to this opportunity for David to work more broadly with our clients and our internal stakeholders to explore their desired outcomes.”