LS Technologies’ Paul Mettus Earns Enterprise Architect Certification  

Principal Enterprise Architect Supporting FAA enrolled at Carnegie-Mellon University


Washington, DC [May 2014] – Paul Mettus, Principal Enterprise Architect (EA) for LS Technologies, LLC (LST) supporting the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen Program, has recently earned a Certified Enterprise Architect professional designation from Carnegie-Mellon University. Mettus completed two EA-focused graduate-level courses through the Institute for Software Research in the School of Computer Science. Although a relatively new function in Information Technology, Enterprise Architecture in the federal space is gaining momentum, making Mettus’ achievement noteworthy for LST and his support of the FAA’s NextGen Program.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a management and technology practice that is devoted to improving the performance of enterprises by enabling them to see themselves in terms of a holistic and integrated view of their strategic direction, business practices, information flows, and technology resources. By developing current and future versions of this integrated view, an enterprise can manage the transition from current to future operating states in a way that maximizes the business value of its investment in technical infrastructure. It is the central organizing force behind the FAA’s NextGen program.

Under the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (Clinger-Cohen Act), all federal departments are required to implement enterprise architectures. Compliance is monitored by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Mettus supports the government’s development of this architecture for the FAA, specifically the NextGen Program.

About LST: LS Technologies, a veteran-owned small business, is a provider of professional and technical services including program management support, engineering services, telecommunication solutions, critical infrastructure services, information technology, and technical consulting. The company prides itself on total commitment to its clients and strives to consistently exceed all customer expectations.

About FAA NextGen: NextGen is the transformation of how airplanes traverse the sky – an upgrade to satellite-based technology. A new era of flight, NextGen enhances the safety of what is already the safest airspace in the world.

Contact: To learn more about this announcement, please contact: Maria Muscara, Business Development and Marketing at LS Technologies, LLC, (703) 673-2213.