Office of Budget and Programs (ABP) Support Contract Awarded to Changeis-LS Technologies Team

Washington, DC [October 2015] – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded Changeis and its subcontractor, LS Technologies, LLC (LST), the Program Support for the Office of Budget and Programs (ABP) contract within the Office of Financial Services (ABA) through the Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Task (eFAST) contract vehicle. Both companies are small businesses with strong FAA past performance providing business and financial services.

In addition to program management, budget planning, execution, and reconciliation, the team will oversee F&E and OPS transactions, monitor and report on all financial transactions related to Inter or Intra-agency agreements (IAA’s) and Service Order Agreements (SOAs), develop and implement processes using approved financial data systems such as Purchase Requirement Information System Management (PRISM), DELPHI, Financial Management System (FMS), Regional Information Systems (REGIS), Integrated Financial Module (IFM), and the Corporate Work Plan (CWP), and support the FAA Logistics Center (FAALC) Warehouse.

Sergio Fernandes, Director of Business, Financial and Acquisition Management Services, will manage the LST effort. Under this contract, LST manages FAA budgets and oversees F&E and OPSs funds by tracking commitments, obligations and funds expenditures.

About LST: LS Technologies, a veteran-owned small business, is a provider of professional and technical services including program management support, engineering services, telecommunication solutions, critical infrastructure services, information technology, and technical consulting. The company prides itself on total commitment to our clients and strives to consistently exceed all customer expectations.

About Changeis: Changeis is a consulting firm that specializes in the areas of strategy and transformation management; investment analysis and acquisition; governance; and innovation and R&D management. They collaborate with clients in public and private organizations to identify opportunities, manage resources, address challenges, and transform their organizations.

Contact: To learn more about this announcement, please contact: Maria Muscara, Marketing at LS Technologies, LLC, (703) 673-2213.