Data Systems Engineering

LST provides planning and engineering for data network development, including information management security architecture development, data exchange, and policy and standard integration.

This support includes:

  • Concept Development;
  • Architecture Analysis and Design;
  • Information Access and Management Support;
  • Web Collaboration Tools/Network;
  • Standards and Requirements; and
  • Data Exchange Models.

LST works with customers to define information architecture and supporting data exchange requirements. Using a structured framework, we provide a flexible method to define the supporting data infrastructure to suit needs within unique operational environments and facilitate harmonization. The resulting products enable service providers and stakeholders in to use data to develop processes, procedures, and frameworks to solve challenges. LST works with stakeholders to develop scenarios that provide an understanding of stakeholder roles and responsibilities and provide the basis for information exchange to ensure a common operating picture and shared situational awareness across stakeholders. The combination of roles and responsibilities, new processes and procedures, and an understanding of information exchange requirements help us to develop comprehensive operational and performance requirements for technology solutions.