Leading Capabilities

Leading Capabilities

Within our core capability portfolios, LST brings Leading Capabilities that enable us to address today’s complex challenges. LST is working to innovate FAA enterprise solutions in the following areas.


LAANC and future capabilities development to enable sUAS integration to the NAS

Proven Performance: LAANC data exchange development and rollout with industry, enabling near real-time airspace authorization and safely enabling a growing industry. LST supported the FAA in fielding LAANC at 291 sites in less than 12 months and processing over 26,000 automated authorization requests in that time.


Critical infrastructure preparedness modeling, planned operational response, and deliberate recovery strategies

Proven Performance: Systems engineering and modeling to support planning, design, and implementation for critical systems and networks, encompassing hardware, software, cyber, and physical infrastructure.


Integrated ATO-wide Cyber processes, enterprise risk mitigation tools, and future technology solutions

Proven Performance: LST supported the FAA in creating the process for reclassifying 51 NAS systems consistent with the FIPS-199 process and with establishing an internal adjudication process to govern system-level classification. We will continue supporting the FAA to identify the appropriate control allocation consistent with the revised classification, NISC framework, and FAA operation.


Tailored cloud and technology solutions to address FAA operational challenges

Proven Performance: CONOPs and SE requirements development for SWIM Cloud and future concepts. LST oversaw proof of concept for SWIM Cloud Distribution Service, including 35 users consuming and managing SWIM information services over a 90-day period and over 200 user subscriptions, accumulating nearly 500 MB of SWIM information daily – over 40 TB during the trial.

Information Management

Information architecture and standards development enabling NextGen future concepts

Proven Performance: Working with the FAA and international community for planning and implementation oversight of enterprise information services supporting UTM, AIM, and FF-ICE. LST supported the FAA in developing of UTM Data Model in support of future operations as defined by the UTM Concept of Operations.

Emergency Communications

Preparedness planning, emergency communications, intelligence services, and information sharing to ensure operations and safety during disaster response

Proven Performance: Provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance for critical operational and mission support services at ~5,000 FAA facilities. LST supports FAA’s emergency secure and non-secure communications, deploying as part of the FAA’s Communications Support Team in support of disaster response efforts, including the 2017 hurricane season.