Department Of Transportation

Past Contracts

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regions and Center Operations (ARC) Information Technology Services

Scope: Provides leadership on issues and programs involving multiple FAA organizations and aviation disciplines, such as the Runway Expansion Projects, Logistics Support for the Non-NAS, Real Property Management and Disposal, Training for Air Traffic Controllers, Providing Enterprise-Level Accounting Services Supporting the FAA’s Capstone Program, Optimizing and Expanding the Use of Weather Cameras, Improving Runway Safety and Coordinating Regional Emergency Transportation.

LST Support: LST provides computer engineering network and IT services for ARC’s enterprise computing environment. Support services are directed through a centralized Help Desk. Services include LAN/WAN Technical/Network Operations, Configuration Management, Cyber Security, Internet/Intranet Web, Documentation and Procurement Support, Electronic Mail Management, Network Administration, Market Analyses and Technology Assessment, National Compliance Application, and Web Database Applications.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Service Area Telecommunications Support (STS)

Scope: Provide Planning, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Decommissioning of FAA Leased/Owned Operational and Administrative Telecommunications Networks essential to the proper functioning of the NAS.

LST Support: LST provides full life-cycle Program Management, Business/Finance, Engineering, Integration, Operations, Maintenance and Decommissioning support for FAA-owned and -leased systems, equipment, and services, as well as support for joint FAA/DoD telecommunications. LST supports the NAS and non-NAS telecommunications networks and systems located for the ATC Telecommunications Services Group (TSG) in three services areas, Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) and other field installations across the Continental United States (CONUS). These networks carry NAS and non-NAS mission critical services.

FAA Next Generation of Communications (NEXCOM)*

LST provided project and field engineering support for NEXCOM’s transition from VHF analog to Multimodal Digital Radio (MDR) air-to-ground (remote channel air-to-ground – RCAG and backup emergency communications [BUEC]) communications channels. Support required onsite technical work at each physical location. Work had been performed at nearly 2100 NAS operational facilities.

FAA Telecommunications Services Group (TSG) Engineering, Operations and Maintenance (TEOM)

As a subcontractor, LST provided life-cycle engineering, operations, implementation and management support for NAS telecommunications systems, services, and network operations. Our program management support included the planning, analysis, scheduling and conduct of operational engineering, implementation and cutover activities. LST supported the design, engineering and operational analysis of communications solutions for all NAS functional areas, including: NAVAIDS, Surveillance, Communications, Weather, Automation, and Traffic Flow Management.

*NEXCOM work is currently being performed under FAA ECSS support.*